Wedding Videography

 As a Storyteller and Filmmaker I do everything I can to tell the story of your wedding in the most unique, entertaining and personal way.  It has to fit your style and personality so that you love watching and sharing it.  Let me put it this way – if a picture is worth 1000 words, then your wedding video is about 10.8 million selfies…you’d have to read the entire Harry Potter book series 10 times to get that much awsomeness.

There are two videographers that shoot every wedding…we always make sure we get “the shot”.  Shaun Cameron and I have been filming weddings for many years now and with both of us being married we know how important this video will be to you.

Let’s get together

 We can grab a coffee, sit down and see if what we offer with wedding videography and what you’re looking for to remember your most important day are a great fit.  There is a form below that you can fill out to get in touch with me.  The first question I’m sure you’ll ask is, what will this cost?  Wedding videos start at $2000 though in the end, the cost will all depend on what you’re looking for.  I’ve also included my email and phone for calls or texts – in case you like one of those options better!

Call or Text – 204.721.4263